Justice Judi French: Becoming a Servant Leader

Attorney at Law Magazine sat down with Justice Judi French of the Supreme Court of Ohio to discuss her career and her perspective on the legal industry.

AALM: What first drew you to the legal industry?…

Justice French speaks on court’s importance

SALEM — Judi French said she’s just a kid from Sebring, a smalltown girl who’s grateful for her roots, but to the rest of Ohio, she’s Ohio Supreme Court Justice Judith French, a conservative jurist spreading the word about the court’s importance…

French reflects on election, death penalty cases, Trump judicial picks

MANSFIELD – Judith L. French, Ohio Supreme Court Justice, sat down with the News Journal last week to discuss the current makeup of the state’s highest court, the defeat of Issue 1 last year and President Donald Trump’s rapid appointment of federal judges….

Justice Judith French hands down law school advice at The College of Wooster

WOOSTER — Ohio Supreme Court Justice Judith French didn’t hand down any decision on Wednesday afternoon when she visited The College of Wooster, but she did disseminate quite a bit of advice to students who are thinking about following in her footsteps…

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